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News and Events


Upcoming Events

May 28th   3:00-4:30 pm   
Prayer Shawl Ministry

May 29th   Noon   
Men's Lunch

May 29th   1:30 pm   
Directors' Meeting

June 3rd   11:00 am   
Financial Peace University Begins

June 5th   6:30 pm   
Mission Board at OBC

June 11th   3:00-4:30 pm   
Prayer Shawl Ministry

June 12th   6:00 pm   
Monthly Prayer Meeting

June 12th   6:30 pm   
Deacons' Meeting

June 13th   6:30 pm   
Scholarship Committee Meeting

June 14th   Noon   
Women's Lunch at Merriland Farm Café in Wells

June 16th   3:00-9:00 pm   
Parking Lot in use for Wedding at the Beachmere

June 20th   Noon   
July Beacon Deadline

June 25th   3:00-4:30 pm   
Prayer Shawl Ministry

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Current needs for the York County Homeless Shelter are: 

  • Face and bath towels 
  • New Pillows 
  • Hair Brushes 
  • New socks 
  • New underwear for adults 
  • Board games 
  • Art supplies 
  • Composition/Journaling notebooks 
  • If anyone has a twin bed to donate, that would be wonderful.

Please bring donations to the church entrance and we will be happy to deliver them. (We can deliver everything but the twin bed.)

Thank you,

Ellie & Bill Andrews

Great News for Celebration


Dear church members,

The Board of Directors has great news to report. In memory of the passing of our faithful members Paula Hackendorf, Frances Hinckley, and John Miller, a donation has been received by the church to complete the funding of the current Organ Fund. We can now move forward with installing the remaining voices and completing the organ project. Hallelujah!!!! “Ain’t that news! Ain’t that Great News!”

“Praise the Lord!
Praise God in His sanctuary;
Praise Him in His mighty expanse.
Praise Him for His mighty deeds;
Praise Him according
to His excellent greatness.”
  (Psalm 150:1, 2)

S.D.G. (Soli Deo Gloria),

OBC Board of Directors

Tony Annis, Chmn.




A letter from the Clemmers who are currently in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo:

February 2018

Dear Pam... and all at Ogunquit Baptist Church,

I just sent a note of greeting with someone who promised to mail it in the states... but then we just received word of your gift of significant support and wanted to especially say thanks. We are touched by your ongoing partnership and your prayers for us and those with whom and to whom we minister.

Moise had surgery and radiotherapy... is still in Uganda for further treatment. Fally is completely healed and active. Saw him dancing in church and that put a smile on my face... hope it makes you smile, too.

Patricia got her braces, but we have not seen her in a month. She and her mother have apparently moved and we do not know where.

Tuungane school is going so well... they have 40 children in their new larger schoolroom. When in Kin last week to have our visas transposed I was able to finally buy schoolbooks for them. Next Friday we have arranged a little field trip ... as street kids they have never seen the lake... and other places here in Goma. We'll visit the port (even onto a large boat that travels back and forth to Bukavu), the airport... even have a visit on the tarmac arranged when a scheduled flight is landing. They'll be so excited! Then we'll come back to Maji Matulivu (Beside still waters) where we live on the lake for games, lunch, pictures and to watch a few cartoons. It will be fun.

We also were able to sponsor a conference for the large deaf community in Goma on sexual violence and HIV AIDS. They have been overlooked for the most part in education in those areas... despite the fact that they are often victims.

And so forth... we consider it a privilege to partner with you in these ways, touching lives here in this part of the world with the light and love of Christ.

With love and joy,

Ann and Bill

Parking and Facilities Committee Report


Parking and Facilities Committee Report

On November 21, 2017 the Parking and Facilities Committee and the OBC Directors met to consider four different options to expand parking for the Church. The four plans under consideration were:

1. Paved parking area behind the Parsonage for 19 additional spaces.
2. Permeable gravel parking area behind the Parsonage for 19 additional spaces.
3a. Move Parsonage to rear of the lot and paved parking area for 30 additional spaces fronting Shore Road.
3b. Move parsonage to the rear of lot and paved parking area for 36 additional spaces fronting Shore Road.

Plans 3a and 3b would be considerably more expensive since they require moving the parsonage to the rear of the lot and paving a much larger area. While plans 3a and 3b result in more parking spaces, the Directors and the Committee agreed not to pursue either plan at this time. Both plans 1 and 2 have 19 spaces, however plan 1 is more expensive because the parking area is paved and a larger drainage area is required for the storm run off from the paved area.

  The members present at the meeting voted unanimously to present parking option 2 to the congregation at the Annual meeting on January 29, 2018. Plan 2 includes paving the driveway to the parking area and paving the walkway from the parking area to Shore Road in addition to grading the parking area as shown on the graphic drawing on display in the fellowship hall.

  All members present felt strongly that we should move forward with the least expensive parking plan and not commit all our current and future resources to a parking area. The Directors and the Committee also agreed that in addition to renovating the parking area behind the Parsonage, upgrading the Vestibule and installing an elevator to the Sanctuary are equally important. To that end, we will also be seeking congregation approval on January 29 to evaluate, design, and estimate the cost of an elevator and upgrading the vestibule.

In Christ,

Parking and Facilities Committee

Larry Smith, Chairman
Tony Annis
Jan Schaffner
Jim Wiggin
Mary Wiggin
Pastor Jeff

Library News


From the OBC Library

Coming soon to the OBC Library is Tom Carnicelli’s “Older Guy,” a collection of poems about getting used to old age. We have his first collection, "Old Guy, Part One,” and know that he promised never to write an "Old Guy, Part Two,” but we’re glad he came up with a new title as a way to add to our enjoyment of his poetry. Thank you, Tom and Pam, for this welcome donation.



From the Directors

The Directors outlined a five-year plan proposal in the July Beacon. Since the article appeared the Directors received a number of suggestions, including a suggestion that we put the proposal in the Beacon again. One comment was that we air condition the Sanctuary, perhaps with a split ductless system. Another comment was that we should design the vestibule and parking for review by the congregation in 2015. Finally, it was suggested that we have a capital campaign to raise money for the parking and the vestibule and put the income from the parsonage rental into the operating fund. Again, the five-year proposal to grow the membership by making the Church more welcoming and increase the parking is: The directors developed a plan to meet the needs of the Church as outlined at the March Church Council meeting. On June 7, the plan was presented to the Church Council. The director’s proposal as modified by the Church Council on June 7 is outlined below. 


 Remove bushes, stumps and arborvitae

Remove stonewall in front of church

and replace with granite curbstones

 2014 $10,000

 Rename OBC

Design and permit new parking

 2015 $10,000

 Paint front of OBC

New sign

 2016 $8,000
 Design, redo vestibule 2017 $20,000
 New Parking 2018 $50,000-$100,000+

For each year we rent the Parsonage we save approximately $9,000 in repairs, oil, electricity, cable and water. These savings should be reflected in our annual budget. We suggest that we place the Parsonage income into a “Parking Capital Fund” and not into the Church operating funds. If we rent the Parsonage for 5 years, the accumulated parking Capital Fund could be approximately $100,000.

For your consideration and discussion,

OBC Directors