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Youth Ministry

Children's Chorus and Drama Team


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Youth Group


View Youth Group's OBC Children's Sunday 2013 Video, "What's It Like To Be a Christian"
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Sunday School

Family Faith Formation—What Is it?

Perhaps you have heard of the new program going on at the church called, ”Family Faith Formation." Maybe you’ve wondered what it is and what it’s all about. Well, Family Faith Formation is the new way that we are doing Sunday School at Ogunquit Baptist Church. In Family Faith Formation, the church helps and supports parents in teaching their own children the Christian Faith. So yes, it is different than the way Sunday School has been done in the past. First off, the teaching is not necessarily done on Sunday! And secondly, it’s not done by Sunday School teachers, per se. Instead, the teaching and training up of children and youth in the faith is done by their parents or at least with heavy parental involvement.

So, how does FFF work at Ogunquit Baptist Church?

First, the church has provided each family with a book called Old Story New by Marty Machowski which teaches right through the New Testament from Matthew to Revelation with easy to use lessons that can be adjusted for multiple ages of children or youth.

Secondly, there is weekly support for our families in two forms. There is still a Sunday morning component. We offer a meeting every Sunday after worship which we call “Family Follow-up”. This meeting is for the whole family, the kids and their teachers/parents. They meet with me or with a knowledgeable teacher from the church who can answer questions, review the lesson, talk about how their lesson for the week went and take a little look at next week’s lesson. There is also a Facebook page for our group where we can share comments and questions.

For more information view the brochure.

Vacation Bible School 2011


VBS 2011

On Main Street, our kids were drawn into stories Jesus told about everyday people in everyday situations. But His stories were anything but ordinary! Jesus turned lives upside down and hearts inside out through parables that challenged people to look at themselves and others in new and unexpected ways.

{Standard Publishing}

Our children had a wonderful time praising God as they learned these parables.  Under the direction of Pastor Jeff, with help from Bailey Johnson, the children prepared a musical revue program , which they performed at Durgin Pines on Saturday and at chruch on Sunday Morning.

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